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You are

A celebrity:

A successful sports professional or former sports professional,

A creative person in music, film or culture,

A TV host, a brand ambassador, a model or any other public person.


We provide

Ideas, concepts, business opportunities and developments 


Ideas & Concepts​

Contacts & Networking

Business plans 



Mentoring & Training

Brand and advertising partners

... Perspectives


We are

Brand managers,
Spin doctors, ideas and concepts developers,
Advisors, mentors, international networkers

We help our clients to generate new and diversify their sources of income

develop, focussing on sustainable revenue flows with a focus on the safeguarding of long-term well-being. 


  • International Popstar, Grammy Award winner 

  • One of the most successful Topmodels of all time

  • One of the best-known German football managers

  • A former Spanish football player, member of the national team

  • One of the best-known German female TV hosts for the past 30 years

  • A successful German pop band 

  • One of the most notable German football TV hosts

  • A young rising female sports TV host

  • Etc.



Wie help our clients to develop projects in a sustainable way. Some examples.:

  • Cosmetics line

  • Perfume line

  • Fashion line

  • Cooking TV format

  • Automobile TV format

  • Fitness and lifestyle concept

  • Several charity projects

  • Etc.

Our team

100 years football, media, marketing, concepts



Carlo Schneider is General Manager of YuuTuu.

He has been advising for many years celebrities in markets such as Germany, Italy, Spain and the US and has been, for the past 12 years, an executive/ managing director of several IP rights management companies (music, fashion, sports) focussing on sustainable and asset-driven branding and IP rights development.
Carlo is also a board member of a series of investment funds & companies. 

Carlo Schneider ist former general manager of Bertelsmann Luxembourg, former board member of the Luxembourg competition authority, a former journalist and author and a lecturer at several executive/ master programs.



Klaus Hoffmann is General Manager of YuuTuu.

He is one of the best-known sports TV producers in Germany.

Klaus relies on more than 28 years experience in production and editorial for German and international sports events: he has been involved in the live broadcasting of more than 4.000 football matches (Bundesliga, UEFA, FIFA).

He has a unique network including TV networks and stations, agencies as well as celebrities in sports, politics and art.

Also, he is a native Saarland citizen and deep-rooted with his homeland Saarlouis/ Wallerfangen.

Laura Müller Rossbach

As a brand manager, Laura is in charge of translating ideas into concepts.

Together with her alter ego Carsten, she has an impressive portfolio of success stories. Both create the conceptual orientation for our work and accompany our clients in the further development of their brand.

Carsten Schubert

Carsten is our creative director.

Numerous brands owe their standing and their success to his creative and strategic work. The fact that our clients are perceived as bubbly, sustainably-positioned brands and thus gaining in value is also due to his merit.

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Olivia Sparapano

Olivia is our marketing team leader. She distinguishes herself with her acuity and her task view on our team's work.

 'Passion for excellence' is her motto. At the same time, she's always canny and solution-oriented. And our clients very much appreciate this.

del Rio

José is our operational marketing manager and our person behind the phone.

His job is not to let go until he has what he and our clients want.

José takes care of making appointments with potential partners; he is a proven marketing and football expert.